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Let the Beauty We Love, Be What We Do

Hi Everyone,

Over the past week, I have been brainstorming A LOT. I’m working on starting up my own business as a Makeup Artist….but, also pursuing my love/passion of sharing information about Beauty Products, Makeup Tips and Skincare.   I couldn’t quite decide on what to post first, here on the blog. First I thought, a post dedicated to Drugstore Foundations….then I thought, a post dedicated to skincare.  Finally, I decided that before I could move into my reviews and tips- I should talk to you about my passion for all things Beauty/Makeup/Skincare.

First of all, where did this passion….obsession, addiction…. with makeup and beauty products come from? I think it all leads back to a few things…but, one of the main reasons is the fact that I have struggled with acne since around twelve years old.  With acne and problematic skin comes many struggles. Mainly, a huge lack of self confidence. It’s painful….and let’s face it, at some point you feel ugly because of it.  I also have dealt with the questions/comments of “Is it your diet?”, “Have you tried Proactive?”, “It looks like it hurts, you should lay off dairy” as well….which just makes it all the more irritating.   After dealing with acne through middle school, then high school, then college….and NOW in adulthood-   Makeup gave/gives me that extra boost of confidence I need.  On days when I have a zit (or four) the size of Jupiter, hormonal redness and blackheads from hell……. having a favorite foundation, a miracle concealer or creating an eye look that slays and seems to take away from the breakout….. it just boosts my confidence.   Now, as I’ve gotten older, have I learned to accept my skin more and love me for me more? Absolutely. My confidence without makeup is a million times better than it was ten years ago.  But it doesn’t mean that I don’t slip up and think “Shit, I’m hideous!”, it doesn’t mean that I LIKE my breakouts.  So, I search for ways to make myself feel better about myself….to stomp on the negativity that pops up in my brain from time to time.

It wasn’t until the last couple of years that my love of makeup led me to a love of practicing good skincare.   Over the years, I dabbled with skincare….. washed my face once a day,  tried to remember to take my makeup off before bed (what is it about college that you just don’t seem to ever wash your makeup off?), use a lip balm from time to time……but after I started getting involved in the Beauty community, I realized that I was really lacking in the skincare department. I started researching all about acne prone skin, oily skin and problematic skin. I started adding in increased water intake, proper make up remover, Vitamin C cleansers, witch hazel, toners, charcoal, face masks….and a key ingredient: MOISTURIZER. I started seeing a significant difference in my skin over all. Less breakouts, less scarring, reduced dark circles and my oil levels really decreased.  Suddenly, I became obsessed with skincare. I started researching skincare regimes for dry skin, normal skin, combo skin……and really came to the realization that before you can have the perfect face of makeup, you have to practice the regime to have well prepped, well cared for skin. Once I made skincare a daily routine, I noticed my makeup lasting longer throughout the day and products that I was never able to use before, suddenly worked like a dream.

I began to think that maybe since my self confidence had gotten better due to teaching myself….maybe sharing my tricks, tips and reviews could do the same for others.  Then, as I began to really improve on my makeup skills…..I started doing makeup here and there on friends and family. When I started getting such positive feedback about how my tips worked or a product was now a holy grail for someone thanks to my recommendation…..or how someone felt so pretty and confident after I did their makeup-  I began to realize that this was my passion.  Making someone feel good about themselves, boosting self confidence in someone, making someone smile….. promoting Personal Care, Self Confidence, Body Confidence and Beauty…….it’s just my thing, it’s what I love. Seeing my own form of art on someone’s face, is something that I love. Putting my makeup brushes to work and seeing the final look…. is no different that an artist’s final canvas or a dancer’s final piece of choreography….. it’s my art, my creativity…..and I love it.

As a woman with multiple reasons to have self confidence issues…..acne, weight issues, anxiety and a chronic condition….. if I can improve my self confidence….so can you. Even if you don’t like makeup, don’t want to wear makeup…that’s ok. Knowing about products where you can take a hour for yourself-  soak in the tub, put on a face mask, give yourself a pedicure- whatever YOU like……those are things that help you feel more confident.

So over the next few weeks, months and hopefully years….I just want to share information. I want to share tips, tricks, stories, reviews, motivational quotes ….I want to share it all.  I feel like there is a beauty routine out there for everyone. Be it a teen, a working, single mom, someone struggling from a chronic condition or even someone who is seventy years old and feels like there aren’t products out there to meet their needs anymore.  I just want to provide information to anyone and everyone, no matter what walk of life they are in. Not only is there a beauty routine out there to fit any lifestyle, there is also a beauty routine out there to fit any type of budget.  (another thing I want to teach the world about…..it doesn’t have to be expensive to have great skincare products or great makeup).

My motivational quote and the quote that I’m basing all of my work on is the following:


“Let the Beauty We Love, Be What We Do” – Rumi.


So, Welcome to the world of BeautyandtheBrooke.  I look forward to sharing with you and look forward to your feedback.







7 thoughts on “Let the Beauty We Love, Be What We Do

  1. I am so glad that u have decided to follow your passion girl! And that you finally started a blog! Can’t wait to follow you on this journey. XO



  2. Fantastic blog Brooke! Can’t wait to see where your dreams take you ❤️❤️❤️ You’ve definitely got this 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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